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Model car scales – Mercedes-Benz Diecast scale model cars

Basic informations about most common model cars scales:

1/12 – large scale, meaning this are big size model cars, lots of details and often a lot of money (depends on the manufacturer) other scales in this range include even bigger 1/8, than 1/10, and smaller 1/14 scale model cars. Prices are ranged from 200/400 € to 1500/1800 € (Pocher 1/8) easily more, 1/12 scale car are in range from 100/150 to 500+ €.

1/18 – most popular scale for collectors, lots of model cars can be found in this scale, prices and quality depends from manufacturer. Prices category ranges from 20/35 € for budget models, 35 to 55 for Mid-Range models, High-Range models cost form 55-90 €, than you have Exclusives and Limited Editions from 90-130 € and Premium End Models than cost above the 130/150+ € range.

1/24 – popular scale especially for plastic kit cars. 1/24 diecast cars are mainly represented by low detail quality (more of a toy than a model car) manufacturers like Bburago, Maisto, Majorette and a little better Welly and Schuco. On the other hand we have high end manufacturers for this scale like Franklin Mint, Danbury mint, CMC, Paul’s Model Art (Minichamps). Prices for lower end models (toys) are in cca. 10-20 € range, top models often sell high above the 100 € range !

1/43 – very popular among collectors when size of model cars is a problem. They have nice details, there’s plenty of them to be bought, prices depend on the quality and manufacturer (cca. from 8 € to 250+ € per model car)

1/87 – popular in the model railroad hobby world, this is exactly HO scale for train dioramas and model railroads scenes. (Prices range from few euros for static models (diecasts from Schuco 4 to 20 €, Faller car system cars are in range of around 100 euros, easily more).


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