Mercedes Benz Maybach

Mercedes Benz Maybach

Daimler AG axed the Maybach brand in 2013, but now a rebranding for Maybach name looks to appear on the horizon for top of the line Mercedes-Benz S class pullman luxury limousines.

After abandoning Maybach brand, it is hard to believe there will be no more new Maybach Manufaktur ultra luxury vehicles in 1:1 and therefore also no new Maybach scale model cars in the so called near future.

The very collectable Maybach Diecast scale model cars were released in all popular forms and color variations of 1:1 vehicles. From “basic” Maybach 57 and Maybach 62 that were presented back in year 2002 to more powerfull and sportier versions in form of Maybach 57S or bigger Maybach 62S.

Curious about Maybach Landaulet in scale 1:18 ? Look no further, at Maybach Diecast, you can find and also order your own “mini” Maybach Landaulet in scale 1:18, handmade and in a very limited exclusive production run made by a custom diecast model manufacturer/specialized company.

The problem of 1:1 Maybach car(s) can be found in its beginnings, while still on the engineers drawing boards. Using an already decade old platform of outgoing S class W140 (made in 1:18 scale by Norev) as a starting point for the new uber luxury Maybach limousines, engineers soon encountered different (technical) problems of updating the old platform. To make things worse, the expenses per unit of building such a luxury vehicle were to high even for Daimler. Another blow was given from the customers point, firstly by not buying so many cars as Daimler was predicting to make the production lucrative. At the end there was a last hope or lets say a call to leave the prestigious Maybach brand name live on, first in form of a study that made it to reality; the Maybach Landaulet (revival of pre-war Landaulet limousines and parade cars) and later again in year 2011 with the celebration of 125! years of the birth of automobile (remember Daimler Benz Patent Wagen from year 1886 also available in 1:18 scale (again) from Norev) in form of one off Maybach Zeppelin 125 edition. Prices for Maybach cars went up but saddly demand did not follow so Maybach was terminated. Not even the world famous artists, acters, businessmen and other celebrities could not help to survive the Maybach brand, even if they were making a lot of “free” advertising for the MM brand name. If we mention just some from the music world; Jay-Z, Kanye West, Puff Daddy, Rick Ross, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Birdman, Lil Wayne and so on.


Outcome was discontinued Maybach brand from Daimler side but it is looking more real than ever before that it may reapear as a name on the brand new S class W222 (1:18 W222 S class is made (again, you guessed it) – Norev) top of the line models. New “Pullman” length S class W222 were already spoted as testing mules and official presentation of Mercedes Benz Maybach luxury vehicle suposed to replace the Maybach 62 can be anticipated in October at one of the most important auto shows, the 2014 Paris Motor Show.

Can you predict who should or who will make the new Mercedes-Benz Maybach scale model car ? All favs point again to Norev.


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